little story...

In 1790, old parish and community of Saint-Maurice, it merged with it to become the town of  Saint-Maurice-and-Lalley. In 1841, the parish splited from Saint-Maurice-en-Trièves and became a separate municipality known as  Lalley


Lalley (chief town) and two hamlets : Avers and The Col (Croix-Haute), charming small village to the south of Isère in Rhône-Alpes region at the bottom of the col of  Croix-Haute, Lalley is a commune of the Trièves  located approximately 60 km from Grenoble ,taking the motorway A51 and the RD 1075. Its inhabitants are called the " Lalleyroux".



A few personalities came to live or stay in our  village, such as:


-Jean Giono (1895-1970) made several stays in the village.The region has inspired the framework where the action of "A king without entertenement". Today a cultural space is devoted:

The space Giono in the heart of the village.

-Édith Berger (1900-1994), painter Grenoble,choose to live there permanently in 1934 after a first stay in 1929. Integrate into the village, she has continued to celebrate the beauty of its landscapes.

The central square of the  village bears his name.